Enisca L. JonesWelcome, come in and have a seat.

“Create your own world”  is a blog designed to inspire you to do just that!

On this blog we want to encourage, inspire and challenge each other to create the world that we want.  I will be sharing how I started and am continuing to create mine: through my books, writings, artwork, thoughts (musings) and experiences. I am hoping that something sparks in each of us the idea, the thought that “YES” my world can be better than it is. Then we put feet to those thoughts and begin. It is not a monumental, insurmountable or impossible task. Its a one step at a time , one day at a time, little by little thing and one day you will look up and realize, “Hey this is just how I wanted my world to look!”

This is not a religious blog but, my faith has played a great big part in where I am today and I will do my best not to be preachy but you know we all have pet peeves lolol! Ultimately, I want to share my heart with you.

So, welcome, be comfortable, and ….LETS CREATE TOGETHER!sofa1