article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a01-ur-ll-make-construction-site-safe-800x800The blueprints are drawn, the site has been selected and approved, now, all that he has envisioned is about to be put into place, about to be built.  He goes to the site one more time and considers the empty space.  As he stands and considers the space and the place, he looks at the blue prints laid out before him on the hood of the car. At this point he has his greatest moment of clarity. A vision is given and he sees his building at all stages of development.

He sees the materials: the blocks, the steel beams, the tools, the piping, the air condition ducts, the electrical wiring, the plumbing, the windows, the doors, paint, the furniture, the tiles, the carpeting and all the other things that would go into the construction of the building.  Like a conductor or master puppeteer he begins to create. He sees the raw materials begin to take shape.  He sees the floors get poured, the plumbing pipes laid, the electrical wires run for every room.  He sees the drywall go up, the plaster smoothed on the walls with loving care and pride.  He is patient, because, he knows it must be built with precision and care, with love and it must be built strong.  So it will stand the test of time.  He builds each piece precise, each part perfect, He builds.  7 stories high this building.

It will be his greatest masterpiece yet. Not because of size or technology mind you but because it is unique in design, special, different from any of the others it will stand alone. As he builds he removes useless things, empty spaces, things that are r5413190-462957-building-construction-siteedundant, that are not needed.  He continues to build, to pass inspections and past delays.  He builds, letting nothing stop him or get in his path.  He is relentless in his pursuit of the vision, of the dream, of the plan.  Finally, finally it’s completed. He looks back at what it took to get to this point, the pain, the sacrifice, the stress, to bring this vision to reality.  He smiles because it was worth it all.

Now, he sees the people as they come to occupy, as they move in.  Excited to live and work in this new shiny magnificent building.  For a while as he watches, they take pride in it, they take care of it.  Then the building begins to get old, it isn’t shiny and new anymore, it begins to deteriorate and the people, who were once proud, don’t check anymore.  They take it for granted, kick it, scream at it, treat it terribly and neglect it.  It begins to fall apart, the plumbing fails, the electrical is faulty.  There have been no upgrades, no proper maintenance.  They leave and the building sits there seemingly without hope, without life, with no one to look after it or to care.  But there is a light, there is hope!

He is sad to see something so beautiful go to waste. But he knows that his building is special and unique and different because he is building it with HOPE, FAITH, LOVE for these are the fabrics, the blocks, the cement, the material, the foundation that will withstand the bad treatment, the vagaries of the weather, the neglect, the rejection, the abandonment, all the pain, bitterness, anger, resentment and hurt.  That`s what the light is HOPE, FAITH, LOVE.

As the vision closes and though he is sad to see what happens in the future, he gives the contractor the nod to break ground, yes build it!  He is compelled to build it, because already there is a new vision, a new building to create, to be built and he must keep going.  He must build it, he is compelled to because …… Love DEMANDS It!

So do IT anyway!

How I got started writing!


You know, I have always been writing something down, could be just words on a page, doodling, a dream I had while asleep or just a list.  But, there is nothing remarkable about this, we all do this at some point  you say lolol! Well, for me, this apparently is a big deal because, it has formed the foundation or the need to put things on paper, and sometimes I am just compelled to write it down.  I have books and books on dreams. words spoken, thoughts, ideas etc.  However, with all of this, I never thought I would write a book, and not even children’s books.

Don’t Complicate Matters (The Writing Process)

There are a lot of lists out there, how to write, what you should do first, what topic to write on, the writing process etc.  You can get information overload and be terrified because ultimately, you are looking for a formula or the right way to do it.  I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way to do it, because, I approach writing from a very simplistic point of view…I just write it down! Sometimes, depending on the topic, I have to dig a little deeper, but, just getting it out and on the screen or in a book, helps me get the initial idea or thought out of my head.    Often times, what I started with looks nothing like the finished product.  It has been fined tuned and honed to get the message across.

However, I understand that some people need that structure we learned in school when doing essays, introduction, body, conclusion, but, some of us just shot from the hip or right from the top of our heads. The most important thing to me is just get it out and down. Then you can do all those lovely things to it that you want to.   My motto is the KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) principle!

When Do I Write?

I don’t have a set time that I sit and write. I can be sitting near the water, walking, having a deep philosophical conversation or watching television, the list is endless, the ideas just  come.  Some of these ideas are not all books, though they can be used for that purpose,  some are one liners, poems, spoken words, words of encouragement, scripture or deep thoughts etc But whatever comes to me, I write it down,  just as it comes and then I go back and refine it, to communicate the message that is needed for that time.  Take this post for example, I just started writing (I hope I am communicating well with you). Consequently,  I always have a note book with me or wish I did!

This is what happened when I wrote the first story “Treasure the Memories” in the Anya Stories Series ((will tell you how that came about in another post).  I woke up from a dream I had and the words just poured out on the page.  So much so, that I think I stopped it because it made me scared.  I had so much other things going on and couldnt fathom sitting and writing short stories about some little girl lol!  I had no clue what I was doing and no idea that it would develop into a series of stories.  I just had this need to…just write it! For me, it is essential that I just get the story or whatever thoughts I had out and on paper.   Otherwise, it just swirls around in my head and becomes very annoying until I am obedient and just jot it down somewhere.

Doing research comes after and can be very overwhelming for me.  I am mindful that I can get information overload and then I get scared that maybe I am doing it wrong.   This is just My process!

I do believe my best writing time is in the mornings. I know that I certainly get ideas then.

More, More, More!

What I have found is that the more I write, the more ideas flow.  These are not limited to the children’s book, I have more book ideas coming at me, more spoken words, words of encouragement etc.  Its a never ending kaleidoscope of things to jot down and keep, for an appointed time.

After I had written the first book, the ideas came for the next 4 books in the series.  Then the idea came for another character for another story series.   In December 2013 I was shut down for the month and out pops another 5 book series for Anya but this time I was able to get the story ideas and synopsis down on paper while writing the stories.  Which makes it a little bit more manageable.  Since this year has rolled in, I have had the idea to do a story of my life’s journey thus far. The ideas just keep rolling along lol!


I would say that writing is an evolving process for all  who have found this path, or who are aspiring to be writers.  We feel we have a message that needs to be shared.  So we write it down because its burning inside us and then we wonder if I publish or go  further will  people like it, purchase it etc.  All writers are not published and there are some who shouldn’t even be, but who am I to judge.   I published my own books, simply because I wanted to share the message with others.

In my evolving I have learned that  what works for one project may not work for the next. I have learned to stay in the flow.

No Special Tools

There are no special tools for writing,   Mind you,  if you do some research, you will find all kinds of products for the new writer that you absolutely must have to make your writing exploits great, fantastic, successful and all of that blarney!  There is nothing better than good ole pen and paper.

I  absolutely love “school supplies”.   Often times, I want to get a certain book that I think I need to write in.  I go a little crazy and have been known to spend hours looking at books and paper in stores.  I really love it, but In the end, I usually just type it into my computer which, I prefer to writing things in a book, simply because, I just hate having to go back and transcribe it lolol!  I know its crazy, but My process!  Have no fear, whatever book that I purchase, does get used, because..I am always writing!

My Best Advice

If you are compelled to write.. do it.   I am not saying that it will be published or a great novel or anything of that sort. Just use the experience of getting things out and down as a foundation to build upon.   Don’t worry about the how to’s or the where to fores or even the nay sayers, just do what comes naturally, everything else will follow!

The point is, don’t borrow trouble!  My meaning, wondering what you are going to do with, it if will be published, whats the point etc.  because those things will stop you before you even start.  The most important thing, is to get it on the page, in the computer, on the wall, wherever.  Focus on the task at hand and take it one step at a time.

I did all of this, stressed out, anxious, fearful, all of it!  I still don’t know how I managed to get it done, fighting through all of that emotion,  but | did and I am better for having gone through the process.

I encourage you to start your writing journey today!