Simon & Phil!

Simon & Phil Enisca L. Jones

If trees could talk what do you thing they would say?

Well,  meet Simon & Phil two trees I used to pass on my daily walks some months ago and I had the thought what would trees say to us if they could talk?  Out of this thought came Simon and Phil.  Two Trees that are sitting along a pathway, watching the world go on around them.  They have seen a lot of things change but have not been rrecognized  So Simon and Phil are considering.  They are having a conversation from two very different perspectives.

They have traveled as young saplings and been moved from various locations and countries and now they meet up. But as we all know things change and on this day they are in for a great surprise!

Simon is what I would call a pessimist and views the world through jaded eyes.  He has seen too much negativity in the world to be optimistic that it will get better.  So he grumbles everyday and has a comment to make about everything that he sees. Usually its negative.  He is fed up with the ungratefulness of humans. He has not not seen people change one bit in any of the locations that he has been in. No matter how time passes,  They come and sit with their blankets for shade, they hang things on him, they break his leaves but never once do they say sorry or thank you. They never look deeper to see what trees really provide.  In his opinion they are shallow,  ungrateful and insensitive.  He is just fed up with the lot of them and wishes them gone.

Phil’s Perspective

Phil on the other hand is kind of laid back and very content to let things unfold as they may.  He is an optimist and believes that everything has a time and season. He sees the world through (Rose colored glasses) as Simon always tells him.  But he is not unrealistic to the injustices, he just chooses to be grateful for his space and usefulness to the animals, birds and yes people and thankful that they have not cut him down.   But even if they do he thinks of the many uses they would have for him and he believes that is a great thing to be of greater use.

So now that we know a little bit about these  two fellas lets join the conversation.

What do you think trees would say to us humans?

Would it be good or bad?

Come on then JOIN THE CONVERSATION!  Who knows it just may turn into a book lol!

Enisca L Jones Simon and Phil join the conversation