The Volcano In YOU!

Volcano Enisca L Jones

“She’s just clearing her throat!” Pierce Brosnan, Dante’s Peak

A long while back I was given a visual of a volcano…the different stages that it goes through before it spews ash and then molten lava. One of those stages is where you can just see the visual signs of smoke emitting from the top/mouth of the volcano.  This smoke tells us that there is activity going on and depending on your perspective this may be terrifying or beautiful! However, it is the beginning of something.

I see writing or any creative project like a volcano.  In the beginning we write our thoughts in journals or we arenisca ljonese just toying with the idea of writing or doing a project and not really sure what we are going to do with it but somehow we have to get this thing done and we are just compelled to get our message across because let’s face it…we all have an opinion and we think someone should hear it or our story is relevant and someone needs to be encouraged by it and let’s not forget our creative works because everybody should see our artwork because its inspiring, beautiful, inspirational… and the list goes on. 

Well when you write whatever is burning to get out it’s like clearing your throat, most especially if it’s your very first time: writing a book, poem, novel, song, doing artwork or some other creative project.  It’s just the beginning of clearing the path that more often than not leads to more books or creative ideas.

But suppose I don’t want to write anymoreor nothing comes from it, you ask?  Welllll,  then you now have accomplished the goal and satisfactorily completed the project. There is great joy in completing a task that in the beginning seemed insurmountable. So, stop being a pessimist, making excuses, procrastinating and justifying and get it done.

The point is to complete it! Stop worrying about what the so called experts say out there. Trust me if you listen you will never get it done.  I don’t mean to saybutterlfy2 eniscaljones that what they are saying doesn’t have merit, what I am saying is that you will get overwhelmed. There are so many rules out there, don’t do this or that or do this or that this way. Lets not talk about the many thoughts that run through our minds: how far will it go, will anyone like it, will they buy it, and the list goes on and on and pretty much won’t shut up.  Its enough to send you crazy!  These thoughts often cause us to freeze or become paralyze and we never move or we beat ourselves up about  wasting time especially when we do complete the project and realize a satisfaction that is euphoric.

Life is filled with beginning moments and I say just write it and get it done. It may not be a best seller, your mother may be the only one who purchases a copy but you will never know until you actually finish it and besides your first draft is not your final product.

If that story or idea is burning in you, I say try it, clear your throat and see where the road leads you. No one ever started out as an expert!!!!



Have a fabulous Day!Flower Enisca L Jones


Bridging The Gap!

Enisca L Jones Ducks Cranberry Farm 2014 1

Writing came upon me rather suddenly and it was completely organic. I was basically minding my own business looking for a job and trying to figure out what the next step was going to be with no money and no job. As an author my intent was not to make great big gobs of money but to simply get a message out there to children and by extension their parents and others who would hear about my stories and want to check them out.  So far it has been slow going but I persevere.

I love writing and then making the stories come alive with simple and colorful drawings.  I love sharing my thoughts and heart with others just so that you can be encouraged. Recently, I was at a trade show for Human Resources Professionals and found myself talking to a recruitment specialists and this phrase popped out of my mouth… BRIDGING THE GAP!  and I paused for a moment and pondered on those words.  Yes, that’s it!

“Building a bridge that would allow me to continue funding and pushing this vision”

Enisca L JOnes Ducks cranberry trip

Have you had to do this?  Have you started a project, developed an interest in a business and felt like you were on the right path?  Finally having reached your purpose but its not paying as you know it should?  So now you are having to update your resume, seek out job opportunities again just to fund your business or vision? This is where I am at right now trying to bridge the gap in order to continue building, growing and funding my vision because the writing has not stopped.  In fact, I have book ideas and concepts written down and my mind keeps going every day with something else that can be done.  

 I write this to encourage you, that if you find yourself in this place…  step back and take a look at the situatioEnisca L Jonesn.  It is okay to incorporate what you have gained in previous experience with what you have learned now and taking the steps, to do what comes next to better take care of you.. there shame in that. The only challenge is staying true to your vision and setting goals that will ensure each step gets accomplished.

I am still working to bridge the gap for myself and have found it to be very frustrating at times because you guessed it… the plan never works out the way you envision it. But with faith and a whole lot of patience it does in the end.

Keep on trucking, keep holding on, all is not lost. You are alive and breathing and everything is possible!!!!

Until next time!  Enisca L Jones


Building that one Thing!


Enisca L Jones Sugarland Texas

In recent months I have watched a proliferation of ads for instant financial break thru for various products or services.  They say that you will gain or find financial freedom if you do this or that or follow this formula etc.  Are they selling you a dream? I don’t know because I believe for some it may work out in the end.  It just seems like a lot of work to me!

My question is how about just building that One Thing?  That one thing that will grow and expand and continue to produce over and over again?

For me it just seems very exhausting to be doing multiple things to get the almighty dollar, when building that one thing requires building blocksyou to do multiple things to bring it to life, to nurture it, for it to come to a place where it can run on its own and keep reproducing.

I write books and I was given children s books to start with, which I thoroughly enjoy doing.  I have found that since I have started this that there are multiple things that need to be done to keep up with the overwhelming tide. Not only do you have to write, illustrate, publish and market these books you also have to continually come up with  new content, meet people, do school visits and the big one, continually put yourself out there.  Now I am feeling the need to  expand my writing into other genres, and don’t get me started on this pull I now feel toward doing more artwork that has nothing to do with books at all.

My question is how do you split your focus to do all of these other things when building that one thing requires all of your attention???


I don’t know just my thoughts on the matter! Care to share yours?

The Road!

Enisca l jones tlo thip of the hill

“Life is a series of roads that is constantly moving us to our next place!” Enisca L. Jones

As I was walking down the hill in beautiful South Andros, Bahamas,  I had time to reflect on Roads.  The straight and narrow road or the wide road that is spoken of in the Bible.  These roads denote the choice of a sinful life or a righteous life. Most prevalent in my thoughts were another set of roads...the road least traveled and the road often traveled.  Same idea but these denote safety and risk. Ultimately, all these roads are taking you somewhere.

The Road Least Traveled

The road least traveled is a road often frowned upon because there is too much uncertainty, very little comfort and absolutely no security. It is often chaotic, confusing, terrifying and can be horrific all at once, a road of the unknown.  Dare I say that we have all traveled this road at some point in our lives.  Whether it is through death, sickness, job changes, family and life decisions, the road least traveled is a road of constant and continual change.

Enisca l jones the  road from the hill The Road Often Traveled

The road often traveled is not for the adrenalin junkie that needs constant change, excitement and adventure. This road is often boring, lacks challenges, lacks adventure and imagination.  It’s comfortable and safe. It is predictable! It’s a road that most parents want their children on because they want to know that they are safe and secure. It is a very rare thing for a parent to encourage a child to be an individual and follow their hearts.  It’s not unheard of, because I know a few, but they are rare. For some this road is the best road there is!

Did you choose it or did it choose you?. 

What about if you didn’t choose it?  You were quite comfortable, minding your own business and very satisfied with the way things are going.  Then suddenly this thing is thrust upon you, through no fault of your own!  You are blindsided, dazed, confused and in shock!

What you do?

1. Do not Panic

This is always our first reaction.  We panic, we get desperate, we rage, we are terrified.  We believe the situation is hopeless and you will never get out of it or find relief.  We are angry and our emotions are out of whack and all over the place.  We are desperate and frustrated and we begin to move helter skelter trying to figure out what to do, where to go and so on. STOP!

Enisca L Jones Beach south andros ME Enisca L Jones Beach south andros22. Breathe

Take a moment and breathe.  Calm down.  Let your emotions settle.  Then you will begin to think and clarity and solutions will come to you.  I know, I know; how do you expect me to breathe and calm down when my life just imploded?  What else are you going to do?  Run and keep bucking up? Just breathe, just sit and breathe.  Find a place that you like to go to and just sit.  My place is the beach and I can sit for hours and just watch the water and just breathe.  It’s a place I go to often just to calm my nerves (bahamianese) It works and I come away feeling a whole lot better.  Find your place!  It is not the end of the world. You will get through this!

3. Talk to Someone

Find someone to talk to, don’t  keep it bottled up. VENT! Don’t keep it to yourself. Not everyone will be sympathetic.  They will try to figure it out, try to lay blame, that’s ok, don’t take it personal.  Easy to say I know, but I have walked that road in the end its better for you not to.

4. Get Help

This is no time to let pride get in the way. I have walked the road least traveled for a while now and had some really scary moments.  Last year 2014 was one of the most terrifying times of my life. I was homeless and I had to suck it up and go to social services and get help.  In that moment there was no pride and no thought of what others would think.  I needed help and I went out and got it.  Keep asking for help even when they say no.  There is help out there!

5. You Question20150323_071837

This is the place where you question your upbringing, your beliefs, and your mindset.  A place where you challenge everything that you know, a place where you discard a lot of junk,  a lot of misinformation and a lot of wrong perceptions of yourself .  A place where you find out what you are made of and who your family and friends really are.   This is a place of freedom. Trust me it is!

6. Hold On

Believe it or not it does get better.  After the homeless situation I spent 11 months out of my home country.  I was in Texas and then Canada and I had some awesome experiences.  I am watching things change around me as I continue to press forward. I can tell you it does get better.

7. It’s Okay

Know that it’s okay and you are okay. Know that things will change little by little, one moment at a time.  This is not a sprint and things do take time to turn around.  But they do turn around. Don’t give up!
Enisca L Jones Sunflower South Andros


Forgive yourself and those around you who don’t understand the road you are on.  Its not about them. Its about you and where this road is taking you and that is a much much better place!

Whether it chose you or you chose it, the above tips apply.  Even for those who choose the road least traveled there are moments of uncertainty, terror and confusion. Trust me I know. I could tell you stories lol!  The road you are Enisca L Jones  South Androspresently on is leading you some where! Keep the faith and keep travelling

What road are you on?  Do you know?  How are you coping?

Please comment and share of your experiences.  Please add your tips on how you cope.  We are all here to help each other.

Thank you for subscribing and please feel free to let me know what kind of content you would like or interested in reading about.  You are after all…

Creating your own World!

What about the light in the Tunnel?

eniscajonessouth andros sunrise

“Thy word is a Lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway” Psalm 119:105 KJV

Every day I walk the same route. I start from the house and then I cross a bridge and continue to take the road ahead of me.  Last week as I was walking I came to the usual bridge and I started up a road that is lined with trees on both sides, it always reminds me of a tunnel.  Up to this point in my walk I can hear and see the sea as I am walking.  When I start down this road its seems as if the sea fades away and the only thing I can hear sometimes is the birds chirping.  Normally, I can”t  wait to get out to the other side so I can hear and see the sea again.

eniscaljones deep creek bridge south andros

On this particular morning my mind was turned to thinking about tunnels and how we focus so much on getting through them. Then, I heard a whisper in my heart

” What about the Light in the Tunnel?” and immediately I heard the scripture:

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path” Psalm 119:105.

Hmmm! We have been taught to focus on the goal at hand, not to look around because somehow you might get distracted.  You have to get through it and things will get better (that is the prevailing thought).  So we keep our heads down and we keep pressing through.  Society and media have portrayed tunnels as dark terrifying and confusing places that hold only fear and danger, where we are stumbling and fumbling trying to feel our way through. Our one thought, our one focus is the light at the end. That’s it, nothing else!


But what about the light in the tunnel?  Some would argue that there is no light in a tunnel and before today I would have probably agreed but I was given a new perspective. Suppose the light that is being spoken of is the person that gives you a hand, a smile, a kind word on the days that seem to be the darkest.  It could be something as simple and as profound as a thank you or an I love you.  A plate a food, a comforting word, a roof or just simple companionship. It could be the one abiding truth that God is with you and you are not alone!

I heard someone say the other day about the difference between truth and reality.  The reality is you are in what seems to be a hopeless situation.  The truth.. His word is a lamp unto your feet and a light to your pathway.  Look up and look around, everyday there is a light that is helping you get through your tunnel time. We have all had them!  Take every step with his word and watch him take you right out of that tunnel. Be grateful and acknowledge those lights!

The light in the tunnel will become so bright you wont even know when you are out of it!


This is the other side of the tunnel! Isn’t it beautiful!

eniscaljones deep creek south androsenisca l jones deep creek andros

While You Are Waiting!


So you have a vision, a plan, a dream!  You say I am waiting for the finances, the right conditions or certain things or people to get things going or the most common thing I hear in the church today… I am waiting on God to do something. You are just… waiting. I have heard people say this phrase so much that its annoying.  Now don’t get me wrong I have said it too :-)!

My question to you is this … What are you doing while you are waiting?  If God or circumstances were to change in a nano second,  Are you prepared?  Have you done everything, short of robbing a bank? So that you can fly when things fall into place!

As I look back over the last 3 years of my life,  I have written 9 books and published 5 of them in the past 2 years,  without money, no job and being virtually homeless.  I have gone through every emotion there is, to the point of wanting to just drop it all down a garbage shoot and just walk away, never to look back at it again and go live under a bridge somewhere.  But somehow after all the emotion and the terror subsides I pick it up again and think about what else can be done  while I am waiting and I do that one thing one day at a time.

cranbeery trip2

So while your are waiting there are a couple of things that may help you take the next step and the next step and so on:

1. Changing perspective

Instead of having a woe is me attitude which I go thorough at times.  Start to think, who will benefit from this.  That is why I published my first children`s book because I was encouraged by a child that read it, who was going through the same experience the character was going through and I thought well maybe there are others who may need this message.

2. Forward only

For every hiccup that comes along determine that you will continue moving forward. Sure, there may be some parts that you have to revamp. Constant improvement and refinement is a must.  But staying the course, that is what is most important.

 Forward ever, backwards never!.  Maurice Bishop

 3.  Shut out the voices

I can honestly say that within a 24 hour period there are many voices that bombard us. From the negative,  to the insane and the inconceivable we are constantly and consistently at war with ourselves.  What I have found works for me is walking, taking things one at a time, and basically telling the voices to shut up!  It works trust me because it used to be worse than it is now. Also reminding myself that yes I can get this done.

4.  Acceptance

Accept yourself as you are. All of your lumps and bumps. You are beautiful, unique, special, yes, all of that!  Embrace all parts of you and know that its okay to do just that.  Know that it is okay to stick a pin right there in that spot and come back to it later.   No,  you can`t do it all in one day and yes it is scary and terrifying but its okay. Life is never boring!

Stop comparing yourself to others and  run the race that is yours to run and don’t try to run at another persons pace.

Accept that you cannot know the outcome. That it won’t turn out the way you think it should.  Once you embrace and surrender those things it will help you get past that feeling of being stuck.  Then you begin to take one step at a time putting one foot in front of the other.

So while you are waiting remember to take one step each day toward your visions, plan, goals etc.  So when the thing that you are waiting on arrives you are prepared to step out.

Prepared , ready and able to fly!eagle



Simon & Phil!

Simon & Phil Enisca L. Jones

If trees could talk what do you thing they would say?

Well,  meet Simon & Phil two trees I used to pass on my daily walks some months ago and I had the thought what would trees say to us if they could talk?  Out of this thought came Simon and Phil.  Two Trees that are sitting along a pathway, watching the world go on around them.  They have seen a lot of things change but have not been rrecognized  So Simon and Phil are considering.  They are having a conversation from two very different perspectives.

They have traveled as young saplings and been moved from various locations and countries and now they meet up. But as we all know things change and on this day they are in for a great surprise!

Simon is what I would call a pessimist and views the world through jaded eyes.  He has seen too much negativity in the world to be optimistic that it will get better.  So he grumbles everyday and has a comment to make about everything that he sees. Usually its negative.  He is fed up with the ungratefulness of humans. He has not not seen people change one bit in any of the locations that he has been in. No matter how time passes,  They come and sit with their blankets for shade, they hang things on him, they break his leaves but never once do they say sorry or thank you. They never look deeper to see what trees really provide.  In his opinion they are shallow,  ungrateful and insensitive.  He is just fed up with the lot of them and wishes them gone.

Phil’s Perspective

Phil on the other hand is kind of laid back and very content to let things unfold as they may.  He is an optimist and believes that everything has a time and season. He sees the world through (Rose colored glasses) as Simon always tells him.  But he is not unrealistic to the injustices, he just chooses to be grateful for his space and usefulness to the animals, birds and yes people and thankful that they have not cut him down.   But even if they do he thinks of the many uses they would have for him and he believes that is a great thing to be of greater use.

So now that we know a little bit about these  two fellas lets join the conversation.

What do you think trees would say to us humans?

Would it be good or bad?

Come on then JOIN THE CONVERSATION!  Who knows it just may turn into a book lol!

Enisca L Jones Simon and Phil join the conversation


Blogging from the Heart Blog Tour

heartblogHave you checked out the Kid Literature folks yet?  I met these amazing people by chance one day while I was looking for opportunities to share my book.  Can you imagine it they just said ask and we will promote your book for you.  All you have to do is share our stuff on twitter, facebook etc.  I was and still am flabbergasted by the amazing generosity of Kid Literature’s founder Karen Emma Hall and all the Kid Lit authors. They are amazing and I am so grateful for them.  Now I don’t feel so all alone!

Just thought I would mention them :-)!


When I was asked to join the tour by Carmela Dutra a.k.a Lorenzo the Bear I paused, because as much as I love to write this was taking me out of my comfort zone and one step further into this wiring thing and into the lime light.  I want to say thank you to Carmela for asking and for the little push.

Here she is ladies and gentleman. Ms. Carmela Dutra and she believes…

“Nothing is more magical for a child than being transported to a new world where they can explore and discover unknown things.”  
Carmela Dutra is very passionate about children’s literacy, which is the main reason she wrote this series for her niece and nephew. With no intention of it ever going public, she wanted to create something fun and special for them to read.
Encounter at Jellyfish Cove is the first in The Adventures of Lorenzo the Bear series.
 In addition to writing and illustrating, Carmela Dutra is also a professional photographer. Working with children is her passion! Whether she captures their  whimsical nature with her camera, or with her stories, she hopes to encourage children to find their own passion for reading and writing.
“Literature has the ability to open up a whole new world to children, but we need to have a share in helping them to find that door and open it with them. Let’s set the example and help to foster this love of reading in our little ones. ”   ~ Carmela Dutra
Carmela’s Links

So here we go hmm all about me!

1. What am I working on?

 That’s a very good question, what am I working on? Hmm a number of things and nothing at all.  I have several projects going at the same time.  Being visual I always get pictures and have to decide if I want to do a book.

A.  Mookie’s Excellent Adventure AWAKENING”

enisca l jonesPresently, I am getting Mookie’s Excellent Adventure “Awakening”  the first book in the series ready for publication. He has been on the back burner for quite a while and I am hoping to have him published by the end of the month.
Mookie ” boisterous, fearless, always ready” has an unusual “Awakening”  and journey to the sea because he starts in the daytime and turtles just don’t do that!   He meets some interesting characters on the beach and in the ocean  and is ‘awakening ‘ to the world around him.

B.    Mookie – Coloring Book

I have also justmookie enisca l jones completed the coloring book entitled “Mookie” as well! Really excited about that.
This book has hours of fun with a delightful turtle and the friends and ocean he is discovering!

 C. Simon & Phil

Simon & Phil Enisca L. JonesMeet Simon and Phil my trees who are having a conversation about what they have seen and heard over the years. They are two very distinct personalities.  Simon, is grumpy and complains a lot about the inconsiderate humans  and other happenings that he is a witness to everyday and Phil, well he is grateful for the time he has had and is excited about all the things he can be to help out if they ever cut him down.  They invite you to JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

 Anya’s Stories Valuable Lessons Book Series


Enisca L. Jones Jelly bean and poppitD.  Anya’s Stories Books 3 – “Jelly Bean and Poppit”

In this story Anya shares about her wish for a puppy but her parents are teaching the lesson of Responsibility.  The challenge- She has six months of taking care of a small pet before she can get a puppy.  Anya is not very pleased with this but along with her brother Peter they select 2 small pets. She learns that Responsibility is a really big deal for a little kid!

Enisca L. JOnes  what should I do?E.  Anya’s stories Book 4 –  “What Should I do?”

Six months have passed and its time for a new puppy.  Is Anya excited or is she apprehensive?  In this story, that teaches the lesson of Decision Making she shares the past six months and the adventures of taking care of pets and she wonders if a puppy will be the same amount of work.  So she has a decision to make and you will be surprised.

Enisca L . Jones Climbing HighF.  Anya’s Stories Book 5 –  “Climbing High”

Anya loves to climb trees and her mother warns her not to go to high but she forgets and gets lost in the clouds at the top of her favorite tree.  Anya is not Listening!  She shares her experience with this valuable lesson with all those that will listen.

G.  Anya’s Stories Valuable Lessons Coloring and Activity

This book encompasses all 5 books in the series and is filled with coloring pages, puzzles and trivia for hours of fun!Enisca L. JOnes Valuable Lessons Coloring book
H.   Anya Goes Exploring  Book 2 “People In Uniform” will be coming along shortly.   This is also a coloring and activity book.  Anya invites you along as she explores all the things she is learning at school and church.  I don’t have a cover image for that one as yet but its on the way!

I.  My life story

Apparently, I have lived a very interesting life according to those around me who know a little bit about it.  So when thinking about my life the central theme has been Motion/movement.  I have lived and moved to various places at various times.  \What is amazing about that is how I have gone, most times, without money or support or not even knowing the destination.  I have always felt a prompting and have gone on faith.  So I started to write it down and out popped the title.  ” A Life in Motion” My story so far lol!  There is a whole lot  more to this story of adventure, terror, faith and liberation!
Here is a view of the a cover idea I am working with.  Very Liberating isn’t it?
a life in motion enisca l jones

J.  Book Fair

I am also working on going to the Toronto International Book Fair in Toronto by

K. Marketing and Promotion 

 This is very overwhelming most days. Just too much to remember to do especially when you just want to do your books.

L.  Other Stuff

Oh yeah building my blog page and trying to keep up with all of this social media stuff!
This is not the end I have so much more that I am doing but its scary to see it all written down!

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
My first reaction to this is I have no clue but recently I was told that my books deal with the moral character/consciousness, I think.  When I wrote the first story I had no clue it would turn into this.  Children are our bedrock  and there are basic lessons that we all should know and practice.  The valuable lessons taught in the Anya’s series are:  Love, Independence, responsibility, decision making, listening.  These stories are told by Anya to you the reader.  Also being from the Bahamas I choose to share a little bit of my culture in each book.   Mookie, on the other hand is different type of story.  He is on an adventure of discovery and ultimately learns the lesson that just because they look like you doesn’t mean they are family.  Finally I would say over all that my stories are a part of my experiences I guess and they all teach some kind of lesson that we need for life living.  I want to share my life with others and who better than with children they are the legacy that we leave behind.

3.  Why do I write/create what I do? 

I have always been an avid reader and there is nothing like a good story.  I get lost in them and I can remember the characters.  For me a story helps better than a text book that is full of facts.  Experiencing how a character overcomes a certain challenge in their lives always helps me if I am in a similar situation or someone else who I can relate the story to.

 When I wrote  Anya\’s Stories  first book “Treasure the Memories”  ( which is a mixture of my niece and I both loosing our mothers and grandmothers) I had no thought of having a series.  I was encouraged by a young boy whose father died suddenly of a heart attack who loved the story.  I thought well maybe if this helps him there are others who would benefit from the message and lessons taught in the series.  So I pressed forward,  otherwise I dont know where i would be today.  Needless to say that caused an avalanche and the more I write the more story ideas keep coming.
I can say now that I  am compelled to do it.  I love the process of writing, then drawing and  watching how the book takes shape into the final product.  I find it all fascinating and I am just compelled to do it!  I just love to tell stories and I find I enjoy doing it.  I might add that I had no clue that I would be doing  any writing at this stage in my life so this all came as a big fat surprise to me

4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

In the case of Anya I just wrote the stories (well first I had a dream about the character and she was talking to God) I got up and wrote the first story.    In the beginning, I had 6 stories and I just streamlined it to the 5 books.   After a bad experience with an illustrator and having no budget I took on the task of doing the drawings myself and that took a while.  I am no illustrator so I did my best to do simple drawings that tell the story. Then the whole process of editing and layout begins.  I hate doing layout by the way.  I find it tedious, frustrating and very annoying,  especially for an amateur like me.   Often times I want to throw the whole thing in the garbage.  But I love to see the proofs in print, that is the moment that fills my heart with great joy to see that I have actually finished a project.

 I have always had an affinity with turtles and one day I said maybe I should do a book about a turtle and that is where Mookie came from.  He just popped right out and I wrote the story.  There was a time of trying to decide what kind of story he was going to be, a chapter book, picture book or what. I had no clue.  He has since turned into a series.  I have used watercolors to do his illustrations.  Stretching my wings a bit there.  Like I said Amateur here!
Sometimes I would get a picture first and the words come after and the process begins. The process can be long and arduous but it is truly a labor of love.  I have no set time to write or draw I just make sure that I have a note book to write down ideas as they come.
Well that’s me for now, hope it wasn’t too much reading.  You can find me at any of these places.  So come on over and like all of my pages and leave a comment, we will like yours back.

Coming up next!

So where do we go from here?  Well let me introduce you to some other fabulous authors that are coming up next

 Rhonda Paglia

Rhonda Paglia, also known as Grammy Pags, is a retired elementary teacher and very busy grandmother from Hermitage, Pennsylvania.  She loves writing stories for her five grandchildren and now she’s happy to share them with other kids.  The Little Lambs and the Very Special Mission came to Rhonda during her prayers for the children and teachers of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  She donates all the profits from the this book to the “Angels in Charge” Scholarship Award.  The award goes to kids from Newtown who are planning a career in education.  Doonsey’s Beach Adventure was a fun little story about a sweet crab who loves to explore.  The story was inspired by a trip to Kure Beach, NC. Three Little Gnomes and a Boy Named Orion was originally written for her grandson, Orion, in 2009.  Grammy Pags, updated the story after spending a lot of time in her gardens and noticing that there are secret things going on out there when she’s not looking!  Duke ‘n’ Matt, Rescue Road Warriors is her first non-fiction, true-life story. “There are over 900 Rescue Road Warriors!” says Grammy Pags.  “Duke and Matt are a team, and part of this amazing group, who have rescued over 8,000 dogs and other pets.”

 Fooling Ewe

Fooling Ewe
Mike is a single dad and attended Emerson College’s graduate writing program in Boston where he eventually met Todd who runs a charity to help orphaned children in Central Africa and volunteers as a first responder to global disasters. A self-taught artist, Todd never had the opportunity to illustrate until, one day, his dream intersected with Mike’s. Mike needed illustrations; Todd needed text.  Together, they are Ewe Guys.

How I got started writing!


You know, I have always been writing something down, could be just words on a page, doodling, a dream I had while asleep or just a list.  But, there is nothing remarkable about this, we all do this at some point  you say lolol! Well, for me, this apparently is a big deal because, it has formed the foundation or the need to put things on paper, and sometimes I am just compelled to write it down.  I have books and books on dreams. words spoken, thoughts, ideas etc.  However, with all of this, I never thought I would write a book, and not even children’s books.

Don’t Complicate Matters (The Writing Process)

There are a lot of lists out there, how to write, what you should do first, what topic to write on, the writing process etc.  You can get information overload and be terrified because ultimately, you are looking for a formula or the right way to do it.  I don’t know if there is a right or wrong way to do it, because, I approach writing from a very simplistic point of view…I just write it down! Sometimes, depending on the topic, I have to dig a little deeper, but, just getting it out and on the screen or in a book, helps me get the initial idea or thought out of my head.    Often times, what I started with looks nothing like the finished product.  It has been fined tuned and honed to get the message across.

However, I understand that some people need that structure we learned in school when doing essays, introduction, body, conclusion, but, some of us just shot from the hip or right from the top of our heads. The most important thing to me is just get it out and down. Then you can do all those lovely things to it that you want to.   My motto is the KISS (Keep it Simple Sweetie) principle!

When Do I Write?

I don’t have a set time that I sit and write. I can be sitting near the water, walking, having a deep philosophical conversation or watching television, the list is endless, the ideas just  come.  Some of these ideas are not all books, though they can be used for that purpose,  some are one liners, poems, spoken words, words of encouragement, scripture or deep thoughts etc But whatever comes to me, I write it down,  just as it comes and then I go back and refine it, to communicate the message that is needed for that time.  Take this post for example, I just started writing (I hope I am communicating well with you). Consequently,  I always have a note book with me or wish I did!

This is what happened when I wrote the first story “Treasure the Memories” in the Anya Stories Series ((will tell you how that came about in another post).  I woke up from a dream I had and the words just poured out on the page.  So much so, that I think I stopped it because it made me scared.  I had so much other things going on and couldnt fathom sitting and writing short stories about some little girl lol!  I had no clue what I was doing and no idea that it would develop into a series of stories.  I just had this need to…just write it! For me, it is essential that I just get the story or whatever thoughts I had out and on paper.   Otherwise, it just swirls around in my head and becomes very annoying until I am obedient and just jot it down somewhere.

Doing research comes after and can be very overwhelming for me.  I am mindful that I can get information overload and then I get scared that maybe I am doing it wrong.   This is just My process!

I do believe my best writing time is in the mornings. I know that I certainly get ideas then.

More, More, More!

What I have found is that the more I write, the more ideas flow.  These are not limited to the children’s book, I have more book ideas coming at me, more spoken words, words of encouragement etc.  Its a never ending kaleidoscope of things to jot down and keep, for an appointed time.

After I had written the first book, the ideas came for the next 4 books in the series.  Then the idea came for another character for another story series.   In December 2013 I was shut down for the month and out pops another 5 book series for Anya but this time I was able to get the story ideas and synopsis down on paper while writing the stories.  Which makes it a little bit more manageable.  Since this year has rolled in, I have had the idea to do a story of my life’s journey thus far. The ideas just keep rolling along lol!


I would say that writing is an evolving process for all  who have found this path, or who are aspiring to be writers.  We feel we have a message that needs to be shared.  So we write it down because its burning inside us and then we wonder if I publish or go  further will  people like it, purchase it etc.  All writers are not published and there are some who shouldn’t even be, but who am I to judge.   I published my own books, simply because I wanted to share the message with others.

In my evolving I have learned that  what works for one project may not work for the next. I have learned to stay in the flow.

No Special Tools

There are no special tools for writing,   Mind you,  if you do some research, you will find all kinds of products for the new writer that you absolutely must have to make your writing exploits great, fantastic, successful and all of that blarney!  There is nothing better than good ole pen and paper.

I  absolutely love “school supplies”.   Often times, I want to get a certain book that I think I need to write in.  I go a little crazy and have been known to spend hours looking at books and paper in stores.  I really love it, but In the end, I usually just type it into my computer which, I prefer to writing things in a book, simply because, I just hate having to go back and transcribe it lolol!  I know its crazy, but My process!  Have no fear, whatever book that I purchase, does get used, because..I am always writing!

My Best Advice

If you are compelled to write.. do it.   I am not saying that it will be published or a great novel or anything of that sort. Just use the experience of getting things out and down as a foundation to build upon.   Don’t worry about the how to’s or the where to fores or even the nay sayers, just do what comes naturally, everything else will follow!

The point is, don’t borrow trouble!  My meaning, wondering what you are going to do with, it if will be published, whats the point etc.  because those things will stop you before you even start.  The most important thing, is to get it on the page, in the computer, on the wall, wherever.  Focus on the task at hand and take it one step at a time.

I did all of this, stressed out, anxious, fearful, all of it!  I still don’t know how I managed to get it done, fighting through all of that emotion,  but | did and I am better for having gone through the process.

I encourage you to start your writing journey today!