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Hi! This wonderful page features past ,present and future events. So stay tuned we have lots more stuff coming down the pike. 



That’s all she wrote.  2018 here we come!

December 2017 

Art Show 

I struggled in 2017 with whether I would continue doing books.  I was invited to display my books at an art show in December. I guess all indications are we are moving forward with the book empire.  🙂

Enisca L Jones

I had a very creative December I must say. 

Handmade Book

I had written a short story last year about 2 of my friends children so I made the book to give to her son for Christmas.  It will be published Christmas 2018 hopefully!

Enisca L Jones

Christmas Bags 

A friend asked me to decorate some bags for her and I must admit that I was impressed how they came out.

Enisca L Jones

Hot Mess Ginger Bread House!!!! 

I put together my very first gingerbread house.  I call it a hot mess lol

Enisca L Jones

Handmade Christmas Cards

Cards are not new to me because I always make them for birthdays for family and friends but I decided to take a picture of the ones I did for Christmas.

Enisca L Jones







October 2017 

So here we go again.  Publish just in time for International Day of the Girl , its a Poem just for your girl to know that she is UNSTOPPABLE!


Enisca L. JonesThis is the very first poem I have published as a book. Only available in Kindle version at the moment but it is an inspiration for all girls no matter their age to know that they can be whatever they want to be.

Being a girl is not a  hindrance! So celebrate who you are and know that…




May 2017 

Hot off the Presses a Brand New Book!

IT’S IN YOU TO FLY! A Dom the talkative Mynah Bird story

Enisca L jOnesThis is a new milestone for me A Chapter Book.

In this story Dom, who is a very talkative Mynah Bird is never paying attention. Which lands her in a lot of trouble but Mama is there to help her out.  On the journey home Mama discovers why Dom thinks she cant fly!

Not only for children but adults as well this story takes a look at our thought processes and how they might limit us from stepping out and into our divine destiny and purpose.

Get your copy today and see how Dom discovers that she can fly after all




Book Reading at Coconut Grove Pre-School, Nassau Bahamas

Yippee Coconut Grove had Literacy week and we were invited back to read a story.  Since we had been there before I decided to read Anya’s Stories “Crossing the Street”  we had a blast and the children were so smart they remembered everything about the story and the lesson of Independence.  Here are some pictures and a little video of the reading lol!

Enisca L Jones Coconut GRove preschool- Literacy Week Enisca L Jones Coconut Grove Preschool May 2016 3 Enisca L Jones Coconut Grove Preschool May 2016 4 Enisca L Jones Coconut Grove Preschool May 2016


Just Write It!  Freeport, Grand Bahama – Postponed

I really stepped out with this one and actually did a video.  We also had another television interview and a Talk it Up on the radio but unfortunately there were no ticket sales.The event had to be postponed.  I was truly disappointed but also encouraged by my push and drive and also stepping out of my comfort zone.

Here is the ad for your viewing pleasure:




Just Write It Nassau

Teaching a class that empowers writers is always my passion, and we had a lot of fun,  I just wish a lot more people had taken advantage of the opportunity.  We had 2 persons attend and Mr. Shamron Musgrove can and shared his writing and publishing journey with us.

Enisca L JonesEnisca L Jones Just Write it Nassau 3Enisca L Jones Just Write it Nassau 2Enisca L Jones Just Write it Nassau 4



Wow what a time we had. Mookie and I had a blast at this conference. We did a reading and a craft where we encouraged the children to create their own world. Everyone took their example from my own.  If was really a good day, I was even encouraged by a young lady who told me to keep writing.  That was so precious almost made me cry.

Enisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 2 Enisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 3 Enisca L Jone I am a promise Childrens conferenceEnisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 5Enisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 6Enisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 4 Enisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 7 Enisca L. Jones I am promise childrens conference 9

Book Reading – Coconut Grove Pre-School

Mookie is always happy to go visit with the children.

Enisca L JOnes November 2015 Enisca L Jones Cocnut Grove PreschoolEnisca L Jones Novmeber 2015 3 ENisca L. Jones November 2015 4 May 2016





Nassau, Bahamas. Just Write It is coming to you!

Are you ready to write and publish that book? Well Just Write It is for you.  Call or email today for more information.

Enisca L Jones just write it flyer Nassau

August 2015

Book Signing

Agape House ” A Call to Holiness Ministries” –  23/24 Pioneers Loop, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas

Enisca L JOnes Book Signing 2 Agape Enisca L. Jones Enisca L Jones Book Signing 1

I had a really wonderful time at church.  I never signed so many books at once. It was exhausting but fun!  

Grand Bahama here I come! 

I am so looking forward to these 2 next events.  It will be so great to get out and talk to others and  share about the books. Also to share with other authors and aspiring authors.  Stay tuned for the updates.

Enisca L Jones meet and greet

April 2015

Just Write it!

We had a blast a the Just Write it! Information session for writers! I am so grateful and thankful for all the persons that took the time to attend to get some valuable information to start and continue their writerly journey!

Enisca l Jones Just Write it 2Enisca l Jones Just Write it3Enisca l Jones Just Write it4

Launching my very first information session for Writers and those that aspire to be! Just Write It! flyer2


March 2015

Reading Mookie’s Excellent Adventure  “Awakening” to the children at Victoria Point Preschool, Mangrove Cay, Bahamas

   Enisca L jOnes reading Mookie Vic Point Preschool Ensca L Jones reading Mookie Vic POint preschool 10Enisca L Jones reading Mookie Vic Point Preschool 9Enisca L Jones reading mookie vic point preschool 6

 February 2015

Reading Mookie’s Excellent Adventure ” Awakening” to the Children at Long Bay Cay Preschool

Enisca L jones reading mookie long bay preschool2Enisca L jones reading mookie long bay preschool4Enisca L jones reading mookie long bay preschool9Enisca L jones reading mookie long bay preschool10Enisca L jones reading mookie long bay preschool8Enisca L jones reading mookie long bay preschool3Enisca L jones reading Mookie Long Bay Cay Preschool2Enisca L jones reading Mookie Long Bay Cay Preschool 14

Reading Mookie’s Excellent Adventure “Awakening” to the Children at Deep Creek Preschool

Enisca L Jones reading mookie Deep Creek Preschool5 Enisca L Jones reading Mookie Deep Creek PreschoolEnisca L Jones reading Mookie Deep Creek Preschool1 En Enisca L Jones Presenting Mookie Deep Creek Preschool1

Reading Anya;s Stories “Treasure the Memories” to Grade 3 at Deep Creek Primary School

Enisca L Jones Reading Anya deep creek primary  Enisca L jones reading Treasure the Memories deep creek preschool1 Enisca L Jones reading Anya Deep Creak Primary SchoolEnisca L Jones Presenting Mookie to Deep Creek Primary SchoolEnisca L jones Deep Creek P


South Andros High School, Kemps Bay, South Andros, Bahamas

I had the amazing opportunity to speak to grade 7, 8 and 9 at South Andros High School, Kemp’s Bay, South Andros, Bahamas Friday, February 13th, 2015

Enisca L Jones Grade 8 South Andros High SchoolEnisca L Jones Grade 9 South Andros High SchoolEnisca L. Jones Grade 7 South Andros High School

We talked  a little bit about my journey as a writer, how I got started.  We  also talked about what they wanted to do with their lives, their passions, drive vision.



What an amazing year! I did two great events in Toronto Canada and met some truly amazing people.


Vendor and presenter at the Toronto International Book Fair November Metro Toronto Convention Center.  Mookie made his debut!

Enisca L Jones TIBF Programs and BadgeEnisca L. Jones our table at the book fairEnisca L Jones presentingat the book fair


Mookie’s Excellent Adventure Arrives in living color! Whoot Whoot!

Enisca l Jones mookie box of books Enisca L Jones Mookie Arrives Enisca L Jones Mookie


Volunteered at the Word on the Street, Queens Park, Toronto Ontario, Canada!

Enisca L Jones Word on the Street Tshirt



October 2013

Book Launch of Anya’s Stories “Treasure the Memories”  

I met some amazing people at this event and saw some old friends.  It  was such a joy to see this book completed and launched.  I recommend that every author have this experience!

4x6 FLYER_ANYA BOOK LAUNCH_finalEnisca L. Jones Enisca L. Jones Book signing and launch Enisca Ljones book 1 Eniscaljones booklaunch Pastor Cleo Eniscaljones booklaunch 7 Eniscaljones booklaunch pastor williamseenisca l jones my first bookenisca l jones book launch

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