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Anya & Mookie

Two very different characters

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Anya`s World

Come on! Play, Learn, Grow with Anya!

Anya is 7 years old. She is an awesome kid! She is an adventurer, an explorer and she loves to tell stories.  Read along as she tells you about her life, family, homeland and all the wonderful lessons she is learning in this first series:  Enter Anya`s World!

enisca l jones

Mookie`s Ocean

Mookie is a very funny guy.  He is a green sea turtle who is very unusual.  In his first book he ‘awakens’ to find himself alone on the beach and sets off in broad daylight to get to the water.  But look out there are predators about.  Read along and see what happens on Mookie;s first adventure!

Mookies Ocean Enisca L. Jones