Enisca L. Jones – Author

Enisca L. JonesOver the years, I have been told that there were books in me but my reaction was always “yeah right” or “pleeeaassseee”. Now with faith, encouragement, support and a growing confidence that I can indeed do this I am writing.  It has been a long journey and has been terrifying to say the least and has required me to come out of my comfort zone in many areas.  Presenting ourselves to the world is not easy!

I was born on the beautiful island of Nassau, New Providence Bahamas and my early years were filled with climbing trees, playing in the yard and going to school.  I did my schooling and college years between Nassau and Grand Bahama and in 1997 I went to Ryerson International University in Toronto, Canada.

I have learned that monotony bores me to tears and when the one thing that tied me to the Bahamas changed (my mother died in 2005) I decided to follow the GO in my spirit and set off on a journey. I  wrote my resignation letter and in 2006 I submitted the letter and the rest is history. I have been in motion ever sense without a full time job, or any means of support.  In fact every time it seemed like things would turn around i.e. I got a new job, started a business, I would be laid off or the business just dried up.

Then, in 2011 I was laid off  and after doing a series of interviews with no success I asked myself some very pertinent questions.  One of them was “What are you going to do if the job never shows up?”  It was in this year after a series of events that I wrote the first 5 books in my children’s series.  During 2012, I illustrated the books and in 2013 I published the first 2 books and a coloring and activity book.  I have since published a turtle series and I am currently working on book 2 of that series. In 2017 I added to my book empire my very first chapter book and a poem.

I have always been an avid reader and am no stranger to a good book. It’s one of my places to hide and relax.   I love to sing, long walks, connecting with nature, meeting people and hearing their stories, hanging out with friends just shooting the breeze.  I love drawing and painting and plan to explore these genres more.  I love a great adventure, exploring my surroundings, a good movie, going out to dinner,  exploring museums, libraries and other sites.   Gardening is another interest but I must admit that I get impatient with waiting for the plants to peek out of the ground but I am excited to see new life.  I am an encourager, a faith builder, a prayer warrior, a great listener and so much more.

I have written down dreams, my thoughts, my impressions, but never a book.  I am finding that since I have there are more books to write because there are more things to share.

I am a  writer, author, artist, creative that’s what I do… I love to write!  Simply because I love to share things; whether it is good advice, a word of encouragement or just about my books.