The Volcano In YOU!

Volcano Enisca L Jones

“She’s just clearing her throat!” Pierce Brosnan, Dante’s Peak

A long while back I was given a visual of a volcano…the different stages that it goes through before it spews ash and then molten lava. One of those stages is where you can just see the visual signs of smoke emitting from the top/mouth of the volcano.  This smoke tells us that there is activity going on and depending on your perspective this may be terrifying or beautiful! However, it is the beginning of something.

I see writing or any creative project like a volcano.  In the beginning we write our thoughts in journals or we arenisca ljonese just toying with the idea of writing or doing a project and not really sure what we are going to do with it but somehow we have to get this thing done and we are just compelled to get our message across because let’s face it…we all have an opinion and we think someone should hear it or our story is relevant and someone needs to be encouraged by it and let’s not forget our creative works because everybody should see our artwork because its inspiring, beautiful, inspirational… and the list goes on. 

Well when you write whatever is burning to get out it’s like clearing your throat, most especially if it’s your very first time: writing a book, poem, novel, song, doing artwork or some other creative project.  It’s just the beginning of clearing the path that more often than not leads to more books or creative ideas.

But suppose I don’t want to write anymoreor nothing comes from it, you ask?  Welllll,  then you now have accomplished the goal and satisfactorily completed the project. There is great joy in completing a task that in the beginning seemed insurmountable. So, stop being a pessimist, making excuses, procrastinating and justifying and get it done.

The point is to complete it! Stop worrying about what the so called experts say out there. Trust me if you listen you will never get it done.  I don’t mean to saybutterlfy2 eniscaljones that what they are saying doesn’t have merit, what I am saying is that you will get overwhelmed. There are so many rules out there, don’t do this or that or do this or that this way. Lets not talk about the many thoughts that run through our minds: how far will it go, will anyone like it, will they buy it, and the list goes on and on and pretty much won’t shut up.  Its enough to send you crazy!  These thoughts often cause us to freeze or become paralyze and we never move or we beat ourselves up about  wasting time especially when we do complete the project and realize a satisfaction that is euphoric.

Life is filled with beginning moments and I say just write it and get it done. It may not be a best seller, your mother may be the only one who purchases a copy but you will never know until you actually finish it and besides your first draft is not your final product.

If that story or idea is burning in you, I say try it, clear your throat and see where the road leads you. No one ever started out as an expert!!!!



Have a fabulous Day!Flower Enisca L Jones


Building that one Thing!


Enisca L Jones Sugarland Texas

In recent months I have watched a proliferation of ads for instant financial break thru for various products or services.  They say that you will gain or find financial freedom if you do this or that or follow this formula etc.  Are they selling you a dream? I don’t know because I believe for some it may work out in the end.  It just seems like a lot of work to me!

My question is how about just building that One Thing?  That one thing that will grow and expand and continue to produce over and over again?

For me it just seems very exhausting to be doing multiple things to get the almighty dollar, when building that one thing requires building blocksyou to do multiple things to bring it to life, to nurture it, for it to come to a place where it can run on its own and keep reproducing.

I write books and I was given children s books to start with, which I thoroughly enjoy doing.  I have found that since I have started this that there are multiple things that need to be done to keep up with the overwhelming tide. Not only do you have to write, illustrate, publish and market these books you also have to continually come up with  new content, meet people, do school visits and the big one, continually put yourself out there.  Now I am feeling the need to  expand my writing into other genres, and don’t get me started on this pull I now feel toward doing more artwork that has nothing to do with books at all.

My question is how do you split your focus to do all of these other things when building that one thing requires all of your attention???


I don’t know just my thoughts on the matter! Care to share yours?